Who do you send to clean my home?
We send trained individual or a crew.
There is two work-day notice required, so that we may avoid charging you for the day.
Over the years we've found that most of our customers prefer to use their own cleaning supplies. it helps to avoid bringing in contaminants from outside of your home. We offer cleaning supplies by request with extra charge.
How many workers do you send?
We offer one person for a six or eight hour day normally. If your home requires more help, two or more workers can be added.
No, our workers are under contract with our company. We charge a fee for any direct or indirect client referrals.
Let us know and we'll come back within 24 hours to correct any things we may have missed. It is important, however, that you allocate sufficient cleaning time for your home, so the maid is able to accomplish the expectations you may have for her.

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